2022 will be the International Year of Glass

2022 will be the International Year of Glass

Yesterday, 18 May 2021, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2022 the International Year of Glass, acknowledging its importance in sectors, such as aerospace, automotive industries, health care and architecture.

Glass for Europe supported the efforts of The International Commission on Glass (ICG), the Community of Glass Associations (CGA) and ICOM-Glass, which worked hard to make 2022 the international year of glass.

As stated in the resolution “L.84”,  glass has accompanied humankind for centuries, enriching the quality of life of millions, and that, as one of the most important, versatile and transformative materials of history. The United Nations General Assembly invites Member States all relevant stakeholders to observe the International Year of Glass through activities aimed at raising awareness of and directing policy attention to the importance of glass in daily life.

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