EU industry calls for action to address the  rise of energy prices

EU industry calls for action to address the rise of energy prices

As member of Glass Alliance Europe, Glass for Europe supports the EU industry’s calls for immediate action to address the steep rise of energy prices and for the adoption of policy measures ensuring access to abundant and affordable renewable energy in the long-term.

By way of two statements released today, the European energy-intensive industries draw the attention of Member States on the threats that the current rise in energy prices puts on both EU competitiveness and the EU’s climate ambition. While it stands clear that structural interventions are needed to secure affordable low carbon energy and make Europe more resilient to future shocks, urgent actions are critically needed to mitigate the impact of today’s high energy prices on the European industry.

Energy represents around one third of flat glass manufacturing costs. In the short-term and without intervention from national governments, high energy prices are endangering the viability and competitiveness of European manufacturing operations. The toolbox presented by the European Commission needs to be complemented with more systematic recourse to state aid in the very short term.


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