Glass for Europe answers to EED and RED public consultation

Glass for Europe answers to EED and RED public consultation

The European Commission is working on a review of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) to address the remaining gaps and set a new legislative framework fit for the 55% greenhouse gas reduction objective. In November 2020, a series of public consultations have been launched to seek stakeholder views. Glass for Europe answered to both the EED and RED consultations highlighting the importance of ensuring synergies with the other Green Deal initiatives, such as the Renovation Wave.

To Glass for Europe, the objectives of the EED are more relevant than ever in view of the 2050 climate neutrality goal. The transition to a carbon-neutral economy will not occur without deep energy demand reductions in key sectors of the economy such as buildings. The EED must be the cornerstone of the energy and climate framework and drive on the short term economic recovery for sustainable growth.

To Glass for Europe, the increased use of renewable energy technologies cannot be undertaken in isolation and must complement other energy-saving measures. This is particularly true in the building sector. Encouraging the use of renewables only, without addressing the poor performance of the building envelope, would not allow to meet climate-neutrality. Prioritizing energy efficiency measures first in buildings will reduce the energy consumption of the occupants, while ensuring a healthier and more comfortable built environment, and facilitating the deployment of on-site renewables full potential.

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