EU Parliament adopts the revised EU ETS and the CBAM

EU Parliament adopts the revised EU ETS and the CBAM

Yesterday, the European Parliament adopted the revision of the EU Emissions Trading System Directive (EU ETS) with 413 votes in favour to 167 against (57 abstentions). With a large majority of 487 votes in favour, it also passed the introduction of the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), which aims at supporting EU industries at risk of carbon leakage.

The adoption of these texts does provide the flat glass industry with some more clarity on the regulatory environment it will operate in the next years.” said Bertrand Cazes, Secretary General of Glass for Europe. “The coming decade will be crucial for carbon reduction and sustainable glass manufacturing in Europe.”

 Thanks to continuous improvements, the flat glass sector has been able to reduce its emissions per tonne of melted glass by 43% since 1990 and is exploring novel ways to further lower emissions and massively scale up its contribution to the EU’s climate neutrality target. “But the task is made more challenging” continues B. Cazes. “The revised Directive asks industry to intensify investments while its capacity is impacted by both high energy and ever-increasing carbon costs”.

The introduction of a Carbon Boarder Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) brings new uncertainty as its implementation and consequences are hard to foresee. “Glass for Europe is willing to engage with EU authorities if an assessment of a possible extension to the flat glass industry is launched,” concluded B. Cazes.

Listen to Bertrand Cazes on the revised EU ETS and the CBAM.