A revised End-of-life Vehicles Directive that supports greater recycling of automotive glazing

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Revising the weight policy of Heavy Goods Vehicles

February 2022 Revising the weight policy of Heavy Goods Vehicles Improvements needed in the Directive 96/53/EC Directive 96/53/EC[1] specifies the maximum dimensions and weights of national and international heavy goods vehicles (HGV) circulating between Member States. It provides for minimum harmonisation and requests Member States to allow vehicles with a weight of up to 40


Testing automotive glass safety R43 and GTR6

March 2021 Testing automotive glass safety R43 and GTR6 The safety of all glass pieces mounted in vehicles is consistently ensured by the uniform provisions of the United Nations Regulation GTR6[1] and R43[2]. Over the last years, the automotive glass industry witnessed the introduction of new national certifications and marking in countries where ECE R43 tests


The mobile air-conditioning systems MACs

The mobile air-conditioning systems MACs Solar control glazing to curb heat load & air-conditioning fuel consumption As part of the EU strategy to reduce CO2 emissions from light-duty vehicles, the European Commission has launched an initiative to decrease emissions generated by mobile air-conditioning systems MACs as of 2012. Through increased fuel consumption, MAC systems used