Policy Manifesto 2024 – 2029

Policy Manifesto 2024 – 2029

In June 2024, European citizens will go to the polls to elect new Members of the European Parliament. This event is the first of a series of institutional changes – new European Commission, new President of the European Council, etc. – which will mark the start of a new five-year mandate for the European Institutions. New impetus, policy direction and strategy will emerge from these institutional changes and will guide European policy from 2024 to 2029.

The next five years will be crucial for the European Union as Member States will implement the many pieces of Green Deal legislations and EU institutions will gear up to achieve the 55% CO2 reduction target set by 2030. At the same time, Europe will most likely remain confronted with recurrent extreme and adverse climatic conditions, a challenging energy landscape and growing competition from outside, which puts pressure on Europe’s industry and economy.

In this context, Glass for Europe decided to go public with a policy manifesto for Europe, entitled A mandate to focus on enabling sustainable transformation’.

The aim is to initiate further dialogue with European policy makers who desire to hear from the industry leaders how targeted policy choices can make a difference and enable further sustainable transformation in a sector, like flat glass and glazing.

The manifesto is composed of a series of five videos, with interventions from both flat glass manufacturers’ executives and members of the secretariat of Glass for Europe, to present the vision of our sector, explain today’s industrial realities, and make concrete policy recommendations for Europe moving forward. The first opening video presents the overall vision and introduces the four policy priorities of the sector.

Executives from Glass for Europe member companies introduce in the videos below the challenges and opportunities faced by Europe’s flat glass sector and present concrete policy priorities for the next mandate.




Incentivise the recycling of old glazing