April 29, 2024

Glass for a sustainable future – ICG Spring School 2024

The ICG Spring School 2024 will bring together glass experts from industry and academia under one roof to discuss the grand challenges essential for (1) making glass production sustainable and (2) glass as a material for a sustainable future.

The five-day event will be organized in a school format, where the lectures by experts from industry and academia will focus on

  • Problems/challenges of reducing carbon footprint in the glass industry with emphasis on furnace design, raw materials, redox and viscosity of melt and recycling, and their possible scientific and industrial solutions;
  • Applications of glass/glass-ceramics in the production of clean energy;
  • Composition – structure – property relationships in glasses;
  • Use of modeling approaches and artificial intelligence in the design of new glass formulations.

The overarching goal of the school is to (1) educate students about the latest developments in glass science and technology and (2) enable progress toward a sustainable future for the glass industry.

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Date: 29 April – 3 May 2024
Venue: LAZURE HOTEL, Lloret del Mar, Spain