Spectral data

Spectral data


To fill a gap in the framework of European Standardisation, CEN/TC129/WG9 (Glass in building – Light and solar transmission, thermal insulation) has developed a European Standard, Glass in building — Spectrophotometric characteristics of glass products — Validation procedure for calculation tool.  This standard provides a procedure to validate calculation programs of spectrophotometric and thermal characteristics of the glass products following EN 410 or EN 673, including light transmittance, light reflectance, solar direct transmittance, solar direct reflectance, total solar energy transmittance (solar factor or g value) and thermal transmittance (U value) in the vertical position.

In support of this development, members of CEN/TC129/WG9 and International Commission on Glass (ICG) Technical Committee (TC) 10 (Optical properties) participated in a round robin calculation programme to establish and confirm the acceptable limits for the difference criteria between the results of the validator and the applicant.

Reference spectral data used during the round robin calculation programme can be downloaded via a simple registration process.

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The report summarising the results of the round robin calculation programme can be downloaded here: