Calculations of embodied and operational carbon of double and triple glazed windows

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Energy balance: the right approach to assess the energy performance of windows

    Ensuring a proper assessment of the energy performance of windows when implementing the revised EPBD The revision of the Energy Performance of Building Directive[1] offers a unique opportunity to the European Commission to instruct Member States on how to optimise the energy performance of national building stocks and thus to contribute to achieving


Minimum Performance Requirements for Windows

Minimum performance requirements for window replacement in the residential sector As required by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, EU Member States have to set cost-optimal minimum energy performance requirements for the replacement of building elements such as windows. The map and the table below illustrate how EU Member States have implemented this 2012 EPBD requirement and


Daylight and glazing requirements in new construction

  Other languages   Daylight and glazing requirements in new constructions Minimum glazing surface for genuinely sustainable buildings Glazed surfaces in buildings play a pivotal role to ensure the design and construction of genuinely sustainable buildings. The use of glass in constructions delivers economic, environmental and social objectives, all of which are central when defining