An Industrial Deal is needed to realise the promises of the EU Green Deal

An Industrial Deal is needed to realise the promises of the EU Green Deal

On 20 February, the EU Industry Summit took place in Antwerp in presence of over 75 industry top executives, representatives of nearly 20 different manufacturing sectors, European trade unions as well as European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo. The flat glass sector participated to this event with the presence of Jean-Marc Meunier, CEO of AGC Glass Europe, and Bertrand Cazes, Secretary General of both Glass for Europe and Glass Alliance Europe.

During the event, a dozen industry top executives, could explain EU’s top officials why they think the EU should develop a new industrial policy, an #Industrial Deal, to support the competitiveness of Europe’s industry and help it maximize its contributions to the EU Green Deal agenda.

During his intervention, Jean-Marc Meunier from AGC Glass Europe reminded participants that ‘glass is the hidden gem of a climate-neutral future’ as described by the magazine Nature, taking the example of flat glass that makes our cars and buildings more energy-efficient and low-carbon while contributing to digitalization and circularity. Echoing Glass for Europe’s manifesto for the next European mandate he highlighted the industry’s efforts to reinvent the way glass is produced but warned that ‘these will only materialize if Europe creates and provides us enabling conditions to innovate, thrive and invest.’  He flagged two issues among others to be tackled in a new industrial policy:

  • The need to access affordable low-carbon energy sources in much greater scale, which requires massive investments in energy infrastructures all over Europe.
  • The necessity to boost demand for European-made low carbon and circular products, like glass, to effectively reduce CO2 emissions and reward the decarbonization efforts of Europe’s industry.

During the event, the ‘Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal’ was released and presented to officials. The declaration, signed by 73 industry top executives plus some European organisations, calls for Europe to place a new industrial policy at the forefront of its strategic agenda. It outlines 10 strategic directions for the EU to restore Europe’s industry’s competitiveness in support of Europe’s climate-neutrality, sustainability, resiliency and strategic autonomy goals. Among the signatories are Jean-Marc Meunier for AGC Glass Europe and Bertrand Cazes on behalf of Glass Alliance Europe. Click here to learn more about the declaration:

Reacting to the event, Bertrand Cazes commented ‘The glass industry is pivotal to achieving a circular and climate neutral Europe, so we need an Industrial Deal to transform the EU Green Deal into opportunities for Europe’s industry’.

Ahead of the elections to the European Parliament coming up in June, Glass for Europe will continue advocating for a new industrial policy and disseminating its policy manifesto ‘to enable sustainable transformation’.

Discover more about Glass for Europe’s policy manifesto: