Manifesto 2024-2029: Boost Windows Replacement

Manifesto 2024-2029: Boost Windows Replacement

To mark the start of the Renovation week organized by the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU, Glass for Europe releases the second video of its policy Manifesto, focusing on the importance and benefits of windows and glazing upgrades in buildings.

This 15 January is an important date to highlight the importance and relevance of high performance glazing in buildings. In addition to the start of the Renovation Week which puts buildings energy efficiency issues at the front of the EU policy debate, Members of the Energy Committee of the European Parliament also formally adopted the agreement on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), which was under discussion for several months.

The video released today by Glass for Europe focuses on the need to accelerate windows and glazing replacement as part of the EU Renovation Wave. It gives the floor to Jean Ries from Guardian Glass Europe and Davide Cappellino from AGC Glass Europe who highlight the numerous benefits of window replacement on people wellbeing, energy and CO2 savings from buildings.

Despite the welcomed legislative improvements brought by the revisions of the EPBD and the Energy Efficiency Directive, additional measures are needed to boost renovations. Renovation must therefore remain high on the agenda of the next European Commission. First, to ensure that the revised Directives are quickly implemented thanks to clear supporting guidelines.  Member States’ National Building Renovation Plans also need to be drafted swiftly to reflect higher ambitions. Then, targeted initiatives on the work which help saving the most energy should be considered. Windows and glazing replacement are high on the list as they also directly contribute to people’s health and comfort. The next Commission must also follow-up on the preparatory work which has been done on the life-cycle analysis of buildings. It is key to allow buildings to be built and renovated with products which have a reduced carbon footprint.

This video is the second in a series of five which form Glass for Europe’s manifesto entitled ‘A mandate to focus on enabling sustainable transformation’. The next videos introducing other policy priorities for the next term will follow in the upcoming weeks.