Glass for Europe on the Net-Zero Industry Act

Glass for Europe on the Net-Zero Industry Act

The flat glass industry is steadfastly dedicated to optimising its contribution to the objectives of the Net-Zero Industry Act and to strengthen the resilience and competitiveness of the EU. Products such as solar glass for photovoltaic (PV) and high-performance glazing for buildings are essential to decarbonise the energy sector and reduce energy needs.

In the position paper released today, the European Association of flat glass manufacturers demands to improve the Net-Zero Industry Act in 3 specific areas to increase the EU’s industrial and energy autonomy.

Firstly, Glass for Europe believes that value-chain criteria for net-zero technologies should be simplified. A full value-chain approach is needed to scale up manufacturing of clean technologies in Europe. “With the right regulatory framework and favourable market conditions”, said Luca Oggianu, Public Affairs and Communication Manager at Glass for Europe, “the European flat glass industry can ramp-up the production capacity of solar glass to meet the needs of future EU-made solar energy modules.”

Secondly, increasing the support “net-zero strategic manufacturing projects”, such as solar glass manufacturing, is crucial.  “The industry will need financial support for launching new production lines and for keeping products competitive in the long-run.” continued L. Oggianu, “Products made in the EU are globally more sustainable. This as well must be rewarded,” he concluded.

Finally, Glass for Europe regrets that energy efficiency technologies for buildings like high-performance glazing were not included in the group of net-zero technologies. It is a missed opportunity that should be addressed by decision-makers in the coming weeks.