Glass in sustainable buildings

Glass in sustainable buildings

Glass for Europe launches today a new section of its website and a video on the role of glass in sustainable buildings.

As new construction becomes increasingly energy efficient, energy consumption is no longer the only criteria that is being considered when evaluating the sustainable performance of buildings. Based on a complete life-cycle approach, the impact of manufacturing the building materials, as well as the construction, transportation, demolition and end-of-life phases, becomes critical to improving a building’s overall sustainable performance.

Flat glass is an inert and irreplaceable construction material that brings natural light in buildings. Its production from energy efficient furnaces makes it a product of choice for sustainable buildings

In its website, Glass for Europe showcases many European examples of highly glazed buildings which have been rewarded for their sustainability. These buildings achieve high energy efficiency standards and obtained ‘top grades’ of sustainability certification schemes also thanks to their glazed surfaces. Flat glass products are essential contributors to low-energy and sustainable buildings.

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