Consultation on EU rules for products used in the construction of buildings and infrastructure works

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Informative note about the possibility of CE marking curved glass

  Informative note about the possibility to CE-mark curved glass Can curved glass be CE-marked? And which characteristics can be declared? Glass for Europe tries to answer these questions by proposing the approach below. 1. CE-marking under harmonised standards There is currently no harmonised European standard dealing specifically with curved glass and the scope of


Glass for Europe answers to European Commission public consultation on the review of the Construction Products Regulation

As you know, Glass for Europe is a strong supporter of an effective single market for construction products. Subsequently Glass for Europe has always advocated in favour of the construction products directive and, its successor, the construction products regulation. It is with the same spirit that Glass for Europe recently answered to the public consultation


Consultation on Construction Product Regulation review

  Construction Product Regulation review Limited revision to tackle inefficiencies Glass for Europe, the trade association of the flat glass sector, is a firm believer in the added-value of a single market for construction products. The Construction Products Regulation and its predecessor the Construction Products Directive were beneficial to the construction and the glass sectors.


Dated references in harmonised standards

Informative paper on Dated references in harmonised standards Which version of the supporting standard has to be used to determine the durability of a product or its characteristics for CE-marking? If, in the clause 2 of the harmonised standard, the reference to the supporting standard is dated, only this version shall be used If, at


CPR Guide: EU Rules, Practical Impact

CPR Guide: EU Rules, Practical Impact Regulation (EU) 305/2011, more commonly referred to as the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), replaces the 1989 Construction Products Directive (CPD). This legislation sets out the rules governing when and under which conditions, the CE marking must accompany construction products placed on the EU market. The purpose of the following