Glass in sustainable buildings




Location: Warsaw, Poland

Year: 2019

Source: NSG



Adgar Plaza

Adgar Plaza is an office complex with a total area of 27,000 sqm. located in Warsaw’s Mokotów district. The office complex consists of two buildings A and B in the form of glass blocks framed with light sandstone cladding.

The glazed façades of the modern office complex are made of insulating glass units with laminated high-performance solar control glass with low-emissivity properties. The solar control glass of high selectivity index provides high level of light transmittance and high reduction of solar heat. The units are filled with argon for the ultimate thermal insulation.

The thickness of the laminated glass was varied depending on the mechanical loads, the size of the glazing and its location (9.5 mm anti-burglary glass meeting the P4A class requirements was used in glazing on the ground floor).

The facades of the Adgar Plaza buildings are designed with a horizontal division emphasized by aluminium profiles. Glass opaque decorative elements were used in places where the window modules are divided. They are made of insulating glass with the use of a ventilated frame, in which the outer pane is toughened glass, and the internal element (instead of the standard enamelled glass) is made of aluminium sheet in light grey colour.

An interesting solution is also the use of tilt windows made in a semi-structural system. Insulating glass from the so-called a stepped edge (the outer pane has a larger area than the inner pane), allowing the minimization of the elements of the window sash from the outside.

Glass and glazing solutions used in the construction of Adgar Plaza allowed to achieve not only an interesting visual effect, but also provided functional benefits, i.e. high thermal insulation, low solar radiation transmittance and a high level of safety.

Both buildings in Adgar Plaza complex achieved LEED Gold green building certification.